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28 March 2022.

In February 2021, Myanmar’s military overthrew the democratically elected government in a coup. Since then, they have conducted a highly repressive and frequently violent campaign against democracy advocates and human rights defenders. Independent media now operate largely underground as the regime has legally closed and harassed them and arrested journalists.

The Centre for Law and Democracy (CLD) has launched a new resource page which contains our key publications related to Myanmar. These documents apply international human rights law standards, with a focus on freedom of expression and of the media, to developments in Myanmar. The page includes resources on legal issues arising since the coup, as well as older resources which are still relevant or useful. Most publications are available in both English and Burmese.

We will regularly update this page as we develop new resources on Myanmar. The most recent addition is a Guide summarising international standards relating to the right to information. Other publications include in-depth analyses of amendments made by the military regime to the Penal Code and the Broadcasting Law, as well as shorter explanatory briefing notes on key international law issues.

CLD has been engaged in law reform and media freedom work in Myanmar for ten years. Accordingly, we have a number of resources analysing older Myanmar laws governing freedom of expression or the media, or which elaborate on international standards on freedom of expression. The page also links to these older publications.

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