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Since being founded in January 2010, CLD has already produced a lot of knowledge tools. An important contribution to understanding freedom of expression was a research piece on restrictions on freedom of expression, analysing the different aspects of such restrictions. Other in-depth research includes a paper on media concentration and a joint publication with other organisations on assessing the digital communications environment in the Maldives. To access these documents, go to our Research page.

CLD has also produced a large number of shorter publications, reports and papers on a variety of different topics and countries. These include, among others, a paper on hate speech, a report on regulatory issues in Mongolia, an academic paper on legal versus self-regulation, a paper on the 10th Joint Declaration of the four specialised international mandates for freedom of expression and a piece on a decision by the Supreme Court of Canada recognising a limited right to information as part of the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression. To access these papers, go to our Publications/Reports/Papers page.

Providing authoritative analyses of draft laws for compliance with human rights rules can help stakeholders work on them to bring them more closely into line with international and constitutional standards. CLD has produced a large number of such analyses already, on such topics as the right to information, defamation, the rules for media during elections, and regulation of the Internet. Our legal assessments are available on our Legal Analyses page.

CLD contributes to developing foundational rights for democracy in different ways, including by contributing to documents elaborating on the content of these rights. On our Standard-Setting page, you will find  our efforts in this regard, including the 10th Joint Declaration of the four specialised international freedom of expression mandates and the Brisbane Declaration, adopted at UNESCO’s 2010 World Press Freedom Day event.

Our Awareness Raising page highlights our participation in conferences that are aimed at building awareness and understanding of various foundational rights for democracy. This page also provides links to some key documents relating to these conferences.

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