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Measuring Up: Assessing RTI Laws

The Right to Information (RTI) Legislation Rating Methodology (available here) is a tool to assess the overall legal framework for the right to information, based on how well that framework gives effect to the right to access information held by public authorities.

The seven key elements of the right of access to information are: the Right of Access, Scope, Requesting Procedures, Exceptions and Refusals, Appeals, Sanctions and Protections and Promotional Measures. They are weighted as follows out of a possible total of 150 points based on 61 Indicators:

The 61 Indicators are drawn from a wide range of international standards on the right to information, as well as comparative study of numerous right to information laws from around the world and pilot testing of the Methodology on selected laws.

An Advisory Council of renowned experts on the right to information (see their bios) has been advising CLD and Access Info Europe on the development of the Indicators. For more information, see our press release.

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