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Laws and Draft Laws

Laws and Draft Laws which may not be easy to find online elsewhere, ordered alphabetically by country


Access to Information Law in Dari, Published in Official Gazette, 2018

Access to Information Law, Unofficial English Translation, 2018

Myanmar (English Translations)

The Myanmar Police Force Law (of 2022)

Directive No. 3/2020 on Prevention of incitement to hatred and violence (or) Prevention of proliferation of hate speech (of 2020)

The Democratic Voice of Burma provided us with English translations of the Burmese laws under which these journalists were charged:

Burmese Press Laws, and related laws used to target journalists

Egypt (English Translations)

Law No. 13 of 1979, Establishing the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (Amended: 1989)

Law No. 76 of 1970, Establishing the Journalist Syndicate

Law No. 93 of 1995, Amending the Journalist Syndicate Law and the Penal Code

Law No. 96 of 1996, Concerning the Regulation and Organization of Journalism and Press Functions

Draft RTI Bill, drafted by Civil Society, 2011


Ghana Right To Information Bill, 2018


Draft Law of Commission of Media and Communication

Draft Law of Political Parties

Draft Law of Freedom of Assembly, Expression, and Peaceful Protest

Draft Informatics Crimes Law

Journalists’ Protection Law


Indonesia Press Law (English translation)


Draft Law of Kazakhstan on Information Access


Draft Law of Mongolia on Information Transparency and Freedom of Information, 2011

Draft Law of Mongolia on Broadcasting, 2016


Mexico’s General Act of Transparency and Access to Public Information (English)


May 2011 Version of Draft Tunisian Press Law (English) (Arabic)

July 2011 Version of Draft Tunisian Press Law (Arabic)


CLD’s translation of Yemen’s new RTI Law, 2012

You can also find a comprehensive list of the RTI legislation that we used to compile our Global RTI Rating here.