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Indonesia: Joint CLD-AJI Training for CSOs on FOI Law

CLD and AJI have just completed three training sessions for journalists and civil society organisations in Jakarta, Surabaya and Lampung. The training seeks to build civil society demand for information under the Indonesian right to information law, which came into force last year. It is part of a wider programme on openness that CLD is conducting with a number of partners in Indonesia. The Participants’ Manual which CLD and AJI prepared for the training will now be updated and finalised.

“This is the first training on the right to information for journalists and CSOs in Indonesia”, said Nezar Patria, President of AJI Indonesia. “We hope that it will help build the capacity of these actors to use the new right to information law.”

“Demand for information has been relatively low in Indonesia so far, considering the size of the country and the fact that both the media and civil society sectors are very developed,” added Toby Mendel, Executive Director of CLD. “These groups work in a large number of different areas and we hope that they start to spread demand more widely in their sectors.”

CLD and AJI hope to follow up the training with a programme of making requests for information in different parts of the country, and then by reporting on the results. We welcome any comments on the draft Manual, which we aim to finalise by the end of July.

More information on the project is available at here.

The draft version of the manual can be downloaded in English and in Bahasa Indonesia.

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