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CLD Reports on the Erosion of Freedoms in Iraq

Although the human rights situation in Iraq improved in the aftermath of the removal of Saddam Hussein, recent years have witnessed a troubling erosion of the fundamental freedoms which the new constitution was meant to have established. This report examines five pieces of legislation (one of which has already been passed) which have the potential to negatively impact freedom of expression and the right to assembly, and contrasts the restrictions and regulations contained therein with constitutional and international human rights standards. CLD hopes that this report will bring attention to the problems with these laws, particularly with regards to the legislative proposals that are still up for debate.

Click here to read the Report in English (in Arabic)

You can find translations of the laws that this report reviewed here:
Draft Law of Commission of Media and Communication
Draft Law of Political Parties
Draft Law of Freedom of Assembly, Expression, and Peaceful Protest
Draft Informatics Crimes Law
Journalists’ Protection Law

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