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Centre for Law and Democracy Participates in Speak Justice Campaign

Centre for Law and Democracy is pleased to announce its participation in the Speak Justice: Voices Against Impunity Campaign.

The Speak Justice Campaign is a global initiative to counter the prevailing climate of impunity for those who attach journalists. More than 660 journalists have been murdered since 1992. Reporting on corruption, crime, conflict and politics has proven deadly for far too many. Countless others have been threatened, attacked or harassed. These acts silence not only the immediate messengers but also foster a wider climate of self-censorship, undermining the ability of the media to hold power to account and to bring the light of public scrutiny to sensitive issues. In the end, it is the public as a whole, whose right to seek and receive information is affected, that is being attacked.

In 90 percent of the murder cases, no perpetrator has been brought to justice, feeding the cycle of impunity. In many cases, investigations are undermined by weak or apathetic authorities. Silence or indifference on the part of the wider public exacerbates the problem. Speak Justice: Voices Against Impunity is an opportunity to break this cycle by demanding justice for murdered journalists.

The campaign is powered by the Committee to Protect Journalists in collaboration with partner organisations. In line with our mandate to promote and protect freedom of expression, CLD is proud to be a partner in this campaign.

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