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Open Government Partnership

Since it was launched in September 2011, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) has quickly become the world’s most prominent international movement for improving government transparency. With the support of such high profile leaders as United States President Barack Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, the OGP has, as of January 2017, attracted 75 Participating States. All of these have endorsed the OGP’s Open Government Declaration, and thereby made a commitment to take concrete steps to advance the OGP’s four core goals of enhancing transparency, citizen participation and accountability, and using technology and innovation to do so.

The program envisions a strong role for civil society in ensuring that participating governments lay out effective and properly targeted action plans and properly follow through on their implementation. To that end, CLD has engaged at every stage of the process. This has included engaging in every stage of Canada’s participation, including contributing to the Progress Review of the First Year Implementation of the First Action Plan, providing our own Proposals for a Framework for Consultation for the second OGP Action Plan, and contributing to the Ideas Discussion for the third OGP Action Plan.

CLD has also authored several publications and analyses about the OGP itself, including:
An Analysis of the OGP’s own information disclosure policy
A Report on the prevalence of commitments to improve the right to information in OGP Action Plans
A Report listing nine better practice indicators for a strong OGP Action Plan

CLD has also supported OGP engagement internationally. In February 2013, following the failure of the 15th Philippine National Congress to pass a right to information (RTI) law, in breach of promises by the Aquino administration to the Philippine people and in its Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan, CLD along with the Philippine-based Institute for Freedom of Information published an Open Letter to the OGP Steering Committee asking it to take action on this signal failure by the Philippine administration to live up to its promises and commitments.