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Freedom of Expression in Myanmar

In the past few years, Myanmar has undergone an astonishing transformation, as what was once one of the world’s most tragic and oppressive States has begun to embrace human rights and democracy. Although the country’s democratic development still has a considerable way to go, there is strong cause for optimism, and the government’s desire to improve its human rights record appears to be genuine.

CLD has a very established track record of working in Myanmar with all of the main stakeholders focusing on freedom of expression and media freedom issues. We have worked there since 2012, when the first international Media Development Conference was held. Our work involves extensive support to the Ministry of Information in preparing legislation and policy documents relating to various freedom of expression themes (we played a significant role, for example, in advising the Ministry on revisions to the Broadcasting Law). We have also worked closely with the Myanmar Press Council, including in the area of professional standards and their Code of Conduct. Another major project has been to work with legal professionals to establish the Myanmar Media Lawyers Network. The right to information has been another central area of focus, and we assisted in the establishment of a national network of organisations, with Pyi Gyi Khin at the centre, focusing on the right to information.