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CLD and Media Alliance of Zimbabwe Host Meeting on RTI

Photograph by TwoWings

Photograph by TwoWings

The Centre for Law and Democracy and the Media Alliance of Zimbabwe brought together a range of groups working on different issues in Bvumba, Zimbabwe on November 10 to discuss a broad-based campaign on the right to information. The groups – working on issues such as HIV-AIDs, the disabled, media freedom, faith-based groups and economic rights – agreed to work together to build a strong network of support for law reform in this area.

Technically, Zimbabwe already has a right to information law, in the form of the very repressive Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. However, this legislation has been used mainly to control the media and few if any civil society groups have been successful in using the law to access information.

CLD will continue to work with local partners to improve the state of access to information in Zimbabwe.

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