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BLOG: Weak Transparency Laws and Widespread Corruption Go Hand in Hand in Quebec

Originally posted on the UN Convention Against Corruption Coalition blog by Michael Karanicolas, Legal Officer, Centre for Law and Democracy. Quebecois have long been accustomed to corruption and government malfeasance. Despite the outraged responses to a 2010 cover story in a Canadian news magazine that depicted the iconic mascot of

BLOG: More than meets the eye to the Dubai ITU “breakdown”

Internet governance is an issue that few people understand, but nearly everybody has a stake in. Thus, when reports emerged last week that talks on Internet governance at the World Conference on International Telecommunications, had broken down, the story made major international news. Opposition to moves by the ITU had

Centre for Law and Democracy Participates in Speak Justice Campaign

Centre for Law and Democracy is pleased to announce its participation in the Speak Justice: Voices Against Impunity Campaign. The Speak Justice Campaign is a global initiative to counter the prevailing climate of impunity for those who attach journalists. More than 660 journalists have been murdered since 1992. Reporting on

Comment on Measuring Openness: A Survey of Transparency Ratings and the Prospects for a Global Index by Sheila Coronel

Sheila Coronel’s paper, Measuring Openness: A Survey of Transparency Ratings and the Prospects for a Global Index, is the first serious piece of research about the systems for assessing government openness which have mushroomed in recent years, alongside a corresponding growth in overall interest in openness. It is useful inasmuch

Review of ELLA (Evidence and Lessons from Latin America) Programme Materials

Below is an Expert Review of the ELLA materials on Transparency and Access to Information, specifically the Guide on the Latin American Approach to Transparency and Access to Information, and the Practice Briefs on Building the Legal Framework to Support Transparency and Access to Information in Latin America, Fighting Corruption

BLOG: Google Announces Plans to Revise Search Results to Protect Copyright

Google has announced plans to recalibrate their search algorithms to lower the rankings of websites that are the subject of “valid copyright removal notices”. It’s something of a surprise move, considering the way Google weathered previous storms over their ranking system by essentially claiming their algorithms were sacrosanct. In 2009,